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Heroic Labrador 'Pilgrim' and his sarcastic orange marmalade tabby friend 'Cheddar' may be in over their furry heads!

Somehow, he knows we understand, Cheddar mewed.

How could we fight a killer who could see through our best weapon and our only defense?

How could we defeat a killer who knew that we knew?


12 year old Thomas bonds with Siamese 'Flora' and her two kittens even as Lucian, the cat's owner, is accused of murder.


When a vengeful specter from the past rises and the little feline family is cat-napped, Thomas and Lucian are propelled into a desperate battle to save their animal friends and right an old wrong.

Anthologies Including Short Stories by Hillari DeSchane Available Now:


Whitstead, December 1844:

Twenty-five stories of love and loss, adventure and homecoming, myth and legend, the chill of snow and the warmth of the Christmas fire. Including by Hillari DeSchane:

'A Hundred And One Uses' 

A mysterious woman in red with an injured dog in tow visits a lonely widower and his embittered son on Christmas Eve, and their lives will never be the same.


13 Christian authors explore the Beatitudes and Woes of the Bible in this uniquely powerful anthology. Including by Hillari DeSchane:

'Cinema Bendiga'

The fragile calm of the post-Global Conflict world is being threatened by a series of unusual events. The source? A rebel group meeting in an old movie theater screening films with a dangerous new idea.


The Investigator soon finds he has a much bigger problem than just rounding up the rebels--

Joining them means risking everything he has, for everything his soul is hungering for.

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