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The fur flies when curious paws dig up buried  secrets--including murder!

Cozy Mysteries by Hillari DeSchane:
Fatally Fun, Family Friendly

News Flash! 'Bone' Wins
CWA Muse Medallion
for Best Mystery!

A courageous Labrador and his sarcastic marmalade tabbycat friend must battle smugglers and a murderous spy to save their mistress from the gallows. 


Eight great stories, including my horse who-done-it
'Unfriendly Persuasion.'
Pre-order Today--
Available January 31, 2022
from Aconite Cafe Press

New from Hillari: 
Camping Can Be Cozy, Too!

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 6.45.31 AM.png

A mute child's bond with a unique Siamese cat uncovers an old tragedy--and rouses a murderous ghost.

Certificate of Merit winner, Cat Writers Association


Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever caught your dog or cat staring and thought, 'it's a good thing they can't talk because they know waaay too much about us?'

So have I!


What if it was more than just your  dog watching you 'borrow' your cranky neighbor's newspaper while you're on your walks, or the cat knowing exactly how many holes are in those comfy granny panties you can't bear to throw out?

What if your dog or cat witnessed a murder? How would they prove it? Who could they tell--and how?

Therein lies my 'tails' of mystery, humor, and the wondrous bond between animals and the people who love them.

I invite you to try my fatally fun, family friendly pet cozies. Tell an animal-loving friend if you do. And be sure the sign up for my newsletter, to stay up to date on what my FurRensics Team is researching and planning for upcoming books. 



and the FurRensics Team:

Jocko and Ambrose

Hillari DeSchane--
Filler of Food Bowls,
Scooper of Poops,
Writer of Words
Morale Officer
Editorial SuPURRvisor
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