Merry Christmas from me and my Fur-Rensics Team to you!

In a very special Christmas edition of our Fur-Rensics Team Bulletin, we present the story of a little black and white dog needing a home, a grieving family needing healing, and the Christmas that brought them together:

Ryan's Christmas Gift

by Hillari DeSchane

     Ryan Dickerson wanted one thing for Christmas 2006, his last Christmas. He wanted a dog.

     Ryan was no child but rather an athletic high school senior, and there was no suggestion that 2006 would be the last Christmas he would spend with his family. That wished-for dog actually arrived two years later, in a story that combines elements of intrigue, mystery, and a touch of divine providence. This December 2020 is the twelfth ‘Gotcha-versary’ of the little dog named Scrumpy, Ryan’s wished-for Christmas gift, who proved to be a greater gift than anyone, even Ryan, could have imagined. (continued)

Team member Jocko

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